Talent Types


At Gigsgen, we've categorized our talent pool into distinct tiers to showcase the diversity of expertise and experience that our freelancers bring to the table. Each tier represents a specific level of proficiency, verified credentials, and dedication to their craft.


1.      Emerging / Registered Talent

Our "Emerging / Registered Talent" category showcases freelancers who are on the cusp of their professional journey. While they possess commendable knowledge in their field, they may have limited practical experience. Please note that their credentials have not been vetted by the Gigsgen team at this stage.


2.      Verified Talent

"Verified Talent" represents freelancers with a considerable degree of knowledge and substantiated experience in their respective domains. Their credentials have undergone rigorous assessment by the Gigsgen team, leading to the verification of their identity and expertise.


3.      Qualified Talent

The "Qualified Talent" category showcases freelancers who have demonstrated their qualifications and experience to a high standard. These individuals have undergone a thorough review of their CV, Highest Educational Degree, and Relevant Experience Letter. Their exceptional submissions have earned them the title of "Qualified Talent."


4.      Expert Talent

The pinnacle of our talent tiers is the "Expertise Talent." This prestigious designation is bestowed upon freelancers who have achieved the status of "Qualified Talent" and have also successfully completed and excelled in a Gigsgen AI-generated skill test specific to their field. Their remarkable performance in this assessment leads to the attainment of the distinguished title of "Expert Talent."


Each talent tier exemplifies a unique blend of knowledge, experience, and dedication, contributing to the dynamic tapestry of skills within our freelance community. We take pride in providing a platform that recognizes and celebrates the diverse talents of our freelancers.


Welcome to Gigsgen, where expertise thrives and excellence is acknowledged.