How to Find Work: A Comprehensive Guide


Welcome to our Freelancer Section! We're here to empower you on your journey to finding work, whether it's on our platform or beyond. With our tailored guidance, you'll not only discover opportunities that match your skills but also bring clients to our platform and enjoy a reduced 5% commission rate on your earnings.


Finding Work on Gigsgen Platform:

1. Craft a Stellar Profile:

  • Complete your profile with meticulous detail, highlighting your skills and expertise.
  • Upload a professional profile picture and write a compelling bio that resonates with potential clients.

2. Browse and Apply for Projects:

  • Regularly browse through the projects available on our platform that align with your strengths.
  • Craft personalized proposals showcasing your understanding of project requirements.

3. Showcase Your Portfolio:

  • Populate your portfolio with past work samples that showcase your abilities.
  • Clients are more likely to engage freelancers who present a diverse and impressive portfolio.

4. Maximize Keywords and Tags:

  • Incorporate relevant keywords and tags in your profile and proposals to enhance your visibility.
  • This significantly boosts your chances of being matched with projects tailored to your skills.

5. Excel in Skill Tests:

  • Engage in skill tests featured on our platform to validate your expertise.
  • Achieving high scores enhances your credibility and attracts clients.


Bringing Clients to the Platform:

1. Showcase Your Profile:

  • Share your unique profile link across your social media platforms and professional networks.
  • Encourage potential clients to explore your services on our platform, showcasing your dedication to quality work.

2. Exclusive Incentive: Reduced Commission Rate:

  • Introduce clients to our platform and offer them the advantage of a reduced 5% commission rate on their projects.
  • When you bring clients who sign up and post projects, you'll benefit from this commission rate as well.

3. Referral Rewards:

  • Inform your existing clients about the benefits of joining our platform and availing of the reduced commission rate.
  • You'll not only enhance their project experience but also earn their gratitude.

4. Content Creation and Networking:

  • Develop valuable content related to your niche, such as blog posts, videos, or tutorials.
  • Share this content across platforms, linking to your profile on our platform.

5. Engage in Professional Communities:

  • Attend industry events, webinars, and conferences to connect with potential clients.
  • Collaborate with fellow freelancers to expand your reach.


Remember, a proactive approach to finding work is key to building a flourishing freelance career. By utilizing these strategies, you can secure projects on our platform and introduce clients to an ecosystem that values your expertise. Our platform is designed to support your growth, and we're excited to be part of your journey.


Feel free to reach out if you need any assistance or guidance. Happy freelancing!


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